Citi Credit Card Application Tips to Get Approved

What’s up guys today, I’m going to give you the need to know rules when you’re applying to citi cards, but if this is your first time here, my name’s Jason. I’m the founder of My travel rewards consultant and I teach the use of travel points and miles for free travel and experiences, so be sure and subscribe so you don’t miss anything.

Okay guys, we’re today. We’re talking citi cards and what you need to know when applying to make sure you get approved. So back in the day, citi used to be very charitable, very easy to apply to. They’ve gotten a lot stricter over the last couple of years as have many of the cardholders, so it’s important you understand the rules or it might get flat out denied.

So let’s jump into the rules and see how they look. So first of all, so this is the six, six and high credit line. Both of these are not rules so to speak, but they are things that you should definitely note and take into consideration as there’s quite a few data points out there that suggests that six, six means that if you have had six hard poles within the last six months, then there’s a good chance you’re going to get denied.

So while this isn’t like a hard rule by citi, definitely something to consider and if you’re well over that, you’ve got a bunch of hard polls recently. Maybe you consider your union card somewhere else.

Another thing that people have noted is that if you have like a ridiculous amount of credit with them, then there’s a good chance they will deny you. So if you have a really high credit line with citi than I don’t know what that number is. No one really has an exact number for it, but if you feel it’s too much and you’re thinking of applying to a citi card, I would definitely consider trying to get rid of some of that credit. Otherwise you might automatically be denied.

So the 865 95 role, what does that mean? Basically it means that you can only get approved for one personal card every eight days and no more than two in a 65 day period. Now these are not just for approvals but these are actually just for applications. So if you are, if you apply to a card and you’re denied, this will still count. But I’m just calling it basically the same thing as an approval. But yeah, if you applied to more than two personal cards every eight days or more than two, every 65 you will automatically be denied.

So you can only get one business card every 95 days. So really the interesting part about this guys is that the rules are actually 8, 60, 90, but there is a lot of data points and people suggesting that Citi has ms dot counted on their applications. Like there’s, there’s a lot of people that have said this, so that they were at the 61 or 62 or 63 day mark.

And then they basically said that, you know, you had too many. Within 60 days and people try to fight it and lost, so a lot of people had a lot more success waiting an extra five to six days. So I recommend waiting 66, 96 days rather than just the 60 90 that they have in place just because for some reason a bank can’t seem to count. I know it sounds strange, but there’s a lot of data points that suggest that, so might as well wait a few more days and increase your chances of getting approved.

Okay. So this looks familiar. It cannot get a assigned. You can only get a sign up bonus once every 24 months. That’s not too bad. But really where citi comes into play and gets a bit tricky is they’re basically saying it’s not just per card but you can only get a sign up bonus once every 24 months per product line.

Now that they are officially completely done with Hilton and I, I’m saying that they only have American Airlines and thank you as true product lines right now. They have a few other cards out there, but to be honest, their shit and I’m not even going to count them for, for this discussion, but basically you can only get approved for one American Airlines and one thank you card.

That being said, the personal and the business are considered separate. So basically within a 24 month period you can get one personal and one business a one personal and one business thank you card. And the thank you series is like, they’re a transferable points series similar to an American express membership rewards or chase, ultimate rewards, etc.

So these are definitely things that you need to understand because they will let you get these other cards, but they will not let you get a sign up bonus for. So that’s, that really sucks. That’s a major bummer. and getting those cards on the signup bonus really is kind of a waste of your time. So these are all things that you should definitely take into account when you’re applying for citi cards. Um, you know, hopefully they’ve got some new good stuff coming out lately, but they don’t have a lot of It’s super exciting cards going on right now, so hopefully that’ll change soon, but guys, hopefully this video was helpful for you and you understand now what she needed to do to get approved for citi cards.


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